Sunday, 18 September 2011

Modi’s ‘wife’ on YouTube

AHMEDABAD: Heating up the Gujarat poll campaign is a video clip claiming to feature a statement from none other than Jashodaben Modi, the estranged wife of chief minister Narendra Modi, which is now doing the rounds on the popular website

While the identity of the people appearing in the clip and the authenticity of the facts that they relate could not be verified, the slides and audio in the clip claims that the woman is Modi’s wife.

The video says, “I Jashodaben Modi, am the wife of Narendra Kumar Modi the son of Damodar Mulchanddas Modi, a resident of Kalavasudev Chachar, Vadnagar.

I am working in Rajosana primary school. We were married in 1968. I am still keeping the book gifted by him, Sangharsh Ma Gujarat, and also have a picture of his.

He was 22 to 25 years old when that picture was taken. By possessing that book I feel that my husband is still with me even if he is far away. He tore away all the pictures of our marriage because he never wanted even a single photo to remain with me.”

The CD which is in possession of DNA shows the woman and her brother Pravinbhai alias Ashokbhai Modi.

The supposed brother-in-law says in the clip: “He (Modi) lived in Kalavasudev Chachar Vadnagar after he married.

They stayed together for three years, but one night he suddenly left home. People might think why we are talking all these things after so many years.

But Jashodaben always wanted it that way. We tried to meet him on several occasions but were not allowed by people around him. She always believed that as a wife
she is in that relationship even if her husband has turned into an enemy.”

Modi’s marital status has always been a matter of immense speculation. However, he has maintained a stony silence on the issue.

Senior BJP leaders maintain that this was a case of child marriage and as an adult Modi abandoned it as a sorry chapter in his life. He may not have been legally separated from her but has never been with her.

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  1. Narendra Modi is a big fraud. Indian people should be aware of him.